Consignment with Jay Duffles

Have a bag you are looking to consign and let us take care of the process for you? Down below are the steps to send us your item and have us sell it to one of our thousands of customers.. Please note we do not accept all items so please read all requirements and see if your item(s) would be a good fit for our cliental base.   

How we sell your item?

  • We sell 100% of our inventory online. Via Instagram, website, and on our verified live selling platform profile "Whatnot" 
  • After receiving your item, cleaning and preparing, we would then list your item on 1 or all of these options for a price that we both agree on before receiving

Perks of using us for consignment..

  • Your item is fully insured for the full agreed value while in our care
  • Don't worry about chargebacks, scammers, ect as we deal with everything from our end, and once your item sells you get paid regardless of what happens after the sale

  How to contact us regarding consignment and start the process?

  • This is easiest to start the process directly in our Instagram direct messages. You can message us info on your item, pictures, any flaws, and desired pricing of your item. 
  • We like to get you the most for your item and desired price. Please keep in mind of market prices and what your item typically goes for, so try and be reasonable in your pricing in what the market is. Offering competitive pricing also helps your item sell faster!

Requirements of bags and accessories we are taking currently.

  • Conditions A/B are the only accepted conditions we are currently consigning. 
  • No heavy damage, no smoke or heavy odor smell
  • No items that have been altered, and or fully repaired
  • We reserve the right to send your item back if not a good fit for Jay Duffles which is not a typical expectation 

How long does it take for us to sell your item?

  • Our goal and typical turn over rate for all items sold is no longer than 30 days 
  • If your item has not sold within 30 days we offer a buyout price 
  • Payouts are always distributed after the sale has finalized and issued to us 

What are the rates to expect with consigning?

  • Sold Price: $1-$999 = 70% to seller (you)
  • Sold Price: $1000+ = 75% to seller (you)

Keep in mind, our margin for selling your item will also include processing fees, shipping, authentication and packaging so you have nothing else to cover and or deal with! 

Feel free to message us on Instagram @jayduffles or email at